• The Decriminalisation of Marijuana in South Africa. Higher Environmental Management and Protection (H*E*M*P)

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Ricky Stone obtained his LLB Law Degree from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2010. Ricky is currently practising law and aims to commence a Masters Degree in Environmental Law in 2014. He is a natural born leader with an ingrained passion for justice and a sound understanding of earth jurisprudence.)


This paper tackles a controversial topic - and it does so with passion and elegance. Stone chronicles the enlightening history of the Cannabis plant and the mystifying process by which it became criminal. This definitive study of the cannabis crime in the South African legal system, provides a fresh outlook on an otherwise bleak global future point of reference. The Higher Environmental Management and Protection (H*E*M*P) Ideal is arguably the only natural solution to our current unconscious existence.

MATERIAS: marijuana, dagga, decriminalisation, legalisation, Culture, Environmental Law, Cannabis, Hemp, Drugs, South Africa