• Supervision by the Centre to Regions in South Africa and Ethiopia. Comparative Analysis

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(Master of Laws (University of the Western Cape, South Africa), Bachelor of Laws (Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia). He is currently a Lecturer of Constitutional Law, Director of Moot Court Centre, and acclaimed researcher on intergovernmental relation issues and on the constitutions of emerging federations at Jimma University, Ethiopia.)


In this modern time, the legal academia says that establishing different layers of government needs not only division of powers but also a framework in which these layers of government interact as independent and interdependent institutions. Such system is indispensible for realization of the objectives these spheres of governance are established for. One aspect of this system is supervision by central governments over activities of subnational units. Such supervision is of a particular significance where the central government is where important laws and policies are made and the others are implementers of same, and where subnational imbalance has found a solid foundation. This book focuses on supervision by central governments in two decentralized African states with such facts in comparative perspective. It would be important to researchers, educators and students of constitutional law, federalism and intergovernmental relations, in particular.

MATERIAS: Intergovernmental Relations, supervisory power, monitoring, Intervention, Ethiopia., South Africa, comparative